The very recent consultation of young people ended with a result of 39% in favour of retaining Heatham House, 27% and 34% picked options 1 or 2 for the new build.
Obviously the rule is to keep consulting until you get the answer you wanted in the first place, so the council have decided to run ANOTHER consultation, this time Heatham House v’s Option 4.

So here is a quick overview of Number 3. 
Essentially, this consultation is asking the same as the previous, instead of having 3 options (2 new, one for Heatham), this time you have 2 options, Heatham House or New Build. The presentation is once again very much in favour of the new build. Many of the details are still incorrect – the wrong amount of floor space is quoted for Heatham House (some 300+ Sqm missing), the figures for the new build floor space have nearly 400 extra added on to the total. No mention of outdoor space for the new build, or the fact that Heatham has nearly 10,000 SqM of grounds that the new build will not have. It does feel as if information has also been left out  to make heatham House seem the worst option.

We are calling on all young people to rally round and send the council a clear message – “We VOTE Heatham House”

Who can take the consultation?

1) You need to be aged 9 to 19 years old (up to 24 years for those with learning disability or difficulty)
2) You must live OR work OR attend an educational establishment within the borough of Richmond.

This pretty much covers most young people in the borough, so please take part and get your friends to do it as well – email them a link to this page, or even a link straight into the consultation.

How do I take the consulation?
There are two ways to take part in the consulation.
Face to face, with a presentation delivered by council officers, you can check the list of dates here – it might be coming to your school - click > HERE

Far easier is to complete it online. The direct link to access and fill out the form – click > HERE
The council have FAILED to act properly by providing a direct link from their website.

You can follow the councils preffered, long winded, off-putting method by submitting your email address to be sent a link to complete the consultation
Paper copies of the form will be distributed through youth clubs, or contact the Youth Office for more information.
Phone: 020 8891 7537

Is there more information about Heatham House?
Yes, there is a lot of information about Heatham House on this website, this page is a good overview – click > HERE
The following videos are well worth viewing if you have never been to Heatham House or had a chance to look round the whole site:
VIDEO 1  – Heatham House Promotional Video
VIDEO 2  – A Tour around the grounds of Heatham House
VIDEO 3 – “Heatham House is not for sale!”

The following flier has been released by Friends of Heatham House to raise awareness of the consultation and to help address some of the issues we have with the poor impression the council has been giving about Heatham House. (Please click on the images to see a larger version).

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