Welcome to Heatham House Mr Livingstone, but you can't come inside.

We had initially held off on publishing this, in the hope that we could publish support from other candidates alongside it, however as time draws short for our campaign, we felt it was best to publish now. We will publish any letters of support from other candidates should we recieve any in the future.

Mayoral Candidate, Ken Livingstone sent us a very supportive letter early last month.

This follows on from his official endorsement of our petition last year and his attempt to make a formal visit to Heatham House that was blocked by council officers who made the claim that accomodating a visit from Mr Livingstone would be a waste of resources.

Mr Livingstone chose to make an informal appearance and meet young people outside the club – information HERE

The letter from 10th March 2012 reads as follows:

To Friends of Heatham House,
Support for your campaign to preserve the youth centre and youth services at Heatham House
I am writing to offer my full support to your campaign to save your youth services. I understand that the current centre is under threat from re-development with inadequate alternative provision being offered.
Your centre has supported thousands of young people over 50 years, offering the range of facilities and opportunities to young people in Richmond that I believe should be made available to ALL London’s young people, including music, dance and sporting facilities and social and arts activities. The range of activities available – coupled with the location of the centre away from surrounding streets giving space to the users to make as much noise as they need to without disturbing others – makes Heatham House unique.
Your services have been recognised as excellent. Rather than being reduced, they should be used as a model of provision for others to follow. If more young people in London had access to services like this then I believe there would be less crime, less gangs, less disaffection, more opportunity and more enterprise among our young.
I fully support your campaign and send every good wish for a successful outcome. 
Ken Livingstone

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Friends of Heatham House: Supporting the Youth in our Borough
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