Friends of Heatham House is a charitable organisation.

In addition to our key objectives in the section further down this page, we are dedicated to ensuring that not only do our young people have a high quality youth provision, with a broad range of activities and a diverse program, but also ensuring that the facility delivering this can meet their demands and their needs, can grow to fulfill changing requirements and ensure that the young people of the future aren’t left with a facility that simply cannot accommodate their changing needs.

Heatham House has been a youth center for over 50 years, in that time it has met and exceeded the expectations of young people, it has added to it’s facilities, removed defunct aspects and modernised others to ensure that it provides a program that is both engaging and exciting, whilst delivering essential support to young people in an open, social environment. Heatham House has a wide ranging program, from music production to live performance, extreme sports to comedy, football to arts, more importantly it is capable of delivering most of this program simultaneously, something unique to the facility and its’ spaceous site.

Friends of Heatham House have produced a promotional video to give an example of what Heatham House delivers.
Click  >>HERE<<  (opens in new window) and to read more about Heatham House click >> Heatham House

Not many clubs can make the claim of being featured in a BBC documentary (The Real Kevins – Tiger/Aspect), being listed in Kerrang! as one of the top 10 underground venues (circ. 2002), being the filming location of several music videos as well as used for the Horrid Henry movie and being cited as one of the finest examples of youth provision in the UK.

With those credentials, wouldn’t it be madness to throw it away to the promises of a property developer who’s key interest is profit, not nurturing our youth.

Our Objectives

The Charity’s Objectives are to further the development and education of young people from the London Borough of Richmond and elsewhere especially through recreation and leisure-time activities so as to develop their physical, mental and emotional capacities such as they may grow to full maturity as individuals and members of society by providing or assisting in the provision of facilities, equipment and services primarily at the Heatham House Youth Club which would not otherwise be provided by the local authority.

Founding Members:

Friends of Heatham House was founded on the 1st September 2009.

The founding members were:

Carl Broadhurst – Chair
Dawny Christian – Vice Chair
Helen Atkinson – Treasurer
Andrew Copeland

How Can I Help?

You can support Friends of Heatham House in many ways:
Sign up to this site and become a supporter.
Make a donation to go toward future projects for young people (some donations help cover our minimal running costs).
We are currently looking to expand the board of Trustees, please contact the secretary for more information.


Friends of Heatham House: Supporting the Youth in our Borough
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