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The council have announced plans to finally undertake some works on the gym.

There is an exhibition at Heatham House this Wednesday, 17th July 2013 between 16:00 and 20:00.
We would like to see some friendly faces there and will be sending a representative down for 18:00.

The plans will be on show and there will be chances to ask questions regarding the plans and how that affects the club going forward.
This is an opportunity to give young people and the wider community a greatly improved facility.

The official press release can be found here: CLICK HERE

Our response to the press release, as issued to the Richmond & Twickenham Times is as follows:

Statement from the Friends of Heatham House

Carl Broadhurst, chair of FoHH, said:

“We welcome this refurbishment but, since the funding for it has been in place for three years already, it is long overdue.

The council withdrew its original planning application because it wanted to replace Heatham House and push an unwanted replacement on the community, which young people wisely rejected. We see this as three years of wasted time.

We are concerned that the proposed refurbishment is not what young people have asked for, particularly as the music venue will resemble a classroom more than a performance space. This is perhaps an example of council officers imposing their own ideas of what young people and the community wants. Another concern is that memorial artwork will be removed as part of the proposals. 

Meanwhile, a number of important issues continue to affect Heatham House, such as a reduction in staffing levels, music rooms being replaced with offices and equipment falling into disrepair. The loss of half of the grounds at Heatham House has also made a casualty out of the new low ropes course.

The community has made its feelings clear to the council on numerous occasions and said it is willing to work with the local authority but, uniquely, the council does not show any willingness to involve the community in its plans. It is, perhaps, because the council has started its own youth services business, Achieving for Children, that it regards the community and charities as competitors rather than potential partners.   

We remain mystified as to why the council halted the original gym redevelopment but went ahead with an expensive overhaul of a meeting room at Heatham House, which had no value in terms of youth work delivery, while apparently trying to close the youth club altogether.

We urge everyone from the local community to attend the consultation at Heatham House on Wednesday 17th July at 6pm.

If you would like to contact The Friends of Heatham House our email

Saturday 7th July is “LiveStock Festival” the annual summer community fun day at Heatham House.

This year is bigger than ever with a wide variety of activities for all ages, so come down and have some fun at Heatham!

More information about the event is available here on the Facebook event page:!/events/368378859895212/

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Do you have any photos or video footage from Heatham House?
We’re currently trying to build an archive of images and videos that show’s everything the club has encompassed in the last 60 years.
Initially we will host them on our Facebook page, but our ultimate goal would be to have a dedicated resource, preserving the clubs history in one location.
Please contact if you have any material you’d be willing to part with (or loan us for a few days)!

We already have a very large resource of photographs from the last 10 years and we’re currently in the process of digitising them. We have a limited collection of video footage (mostly sourced from YouTube) and memorabilia that we’d like to build on. Most of our resource consists of late 90′s to the present, so anything from earlier times in the clubs history would be amazing!Heatham House Water Colour

We’d particularly love to see more of the following:

  • Band Nights, Club Nights, Parties & Gigs
  • Heatham Festivals
  • Theatre Productions
  • Skate and BMX
  • Photography and Art groups
  • Dance
  • Sports
  • Videos made at Heatham House (band music videos included)

If you have any images or videos from Heatham House, that you would allow us to have a copy of, would be most grateful.

If you have Prints or Negatives we would digitise them to a high quality and return the originals to you. We will also give you a copy of the digitised version. If you prefer not to part with your images, we can send someone to make copies at your own home if you don’t live too far away.
Digital photos are easy to share with us and can be sent to the email above (providing no bigger than 10MB), uploaded to our online photo storage or sent to us on DVD or CD.

Digital video can be uploaded to our online storage or sent to us on CD or DVD. If you’re local we can also meet up and copy them straight to USB key or Hard Drive.
VHS, BetaMax and 8mm film can all be converted to digital formats, although we have limited finances to undertake this work, we would most certainly like to hear from you.

Old posters, fliers, leaflets, membership cards, art work, anything Heatham can be digitised to a very high quality, you can either send us the originals to copy (and we’ll return them) or if you prefer not to part with your images, we can send someone to make copies at your own home if you don’t live too far away. We will also give you a copy of the digitised version.

The Crew Finals from So On It Jam

This 3 day break dance event was a massive success, 2 days of workshops followed by an all day competition for solos and crews. Entrants came from all across the Uk and EU and some serious talent was on display.

Well done to the event organisers and everyone who entered for making this a fantastic event that was enjoyed by everyone who came!

Saturday 23rd July 2011, saw one of the ever expanding Heatham House community open days, this time in conjunction with Splash Art Session and intriguingly titled “F.A.R.M Festival”.

Nearly 100 people were involved in running or performing at the event that was attended by well over 400 members of the local community who turned up to enjoy an attraction packed event, spread across Heathams expansive site and featuring a range of activities from Arts to Sports. The event primarily intended to raise Heathams profile in the community also raised £300 in much needed funds to help support the centre and its’ broad range of activities for young people.

There was something for everyone, young and old to enjoy including:

Splash Art Session an annual event that celebrates and promotes street art. The theme this year was “Graffiti Saved My Life” in honor of the Make-A-Wish-Foundation, a leading wish-granting foundation that grants magical wishes to children and young people fighting life threatening illnesses.. In excess of 35 artists attended the event at Heatham, many of them flying in from across Europe to create spectacular pieces of art “live” on the day in front of stunned crowd. This portion of the event raised £100 for Make-A-Wish and created several “sections” of art that are to be sold off, with all proceeds going to the foundation.

Accompanying the live outdoor artists, an exciting array of Street Art provided by several local artists and photographers were on display inside the house in the ballroom and Café, this following on from Heathams impressive display as part of the ArtHouse Exhibition back in June. Tom Ryall, a prominent local street artist, organized the ArtHouse display at Heatham and is currently in the process of arranging Heathams participation in “The Big Draw 2011” held in October.

Football Tournaments on Heathams purpose built 5-a-side pitch, these ran throughout the day with 3 ages groups. Teams from Nuffield Health Centre, Fosters, the House Staff team appeared alongside a large turn out of youth teams. 

Skateboarding the “new” outdoor skate facility was officially launched at the event, the refurbished ramps originally from the Hampton Wick Kingsfield site were put to good use by a large group of skaters who participated in competitions that ran in the late afternoon. This outdoor facility compliments Heathams current indoor skate park, the only indoor facility of it’s kind in the borough.

Live performance and music ran throughout the day and included sessions held by Groove Academy, the Hampton based community music school for young people aged 11 – 18, they encouraged families and young people to get involved in “jam” sessions exploring a variety of contemporary music styles and under the guidance of their experienced tutors. Poets in the City:Spoken Word Allstars ran several workshops based around spoken word to music, this culminated in a well received performance to close the event. There was also a breakdance performance held in the gym as well as a jujitsu display out on the basket ball court that actively encouraged participation from anyone willing to get involved.

History: There was a fantastic display from Louise Skilton showing her personal endeavor to build a comprehensive history of Heatham House both as a Youth Centre and it’s far reaching past.

Tree Climbing: One of the highlights of the day was the tree climbing, organised by Climbology who provided specialist climbing equipment and guidance, allowing a seemingly non-stop flow of people to scale the dizzy heights of Heatham Houses London Plane tree – reputed to be one of the largest and among the oldest in the UK at around 400 years old.

Café – Heathams café run by young people provided it’s usual offerings of hot and cold drinks, cakes and savory items along with an outdoor BBQ for the event, food was in high demand throughout the day and at one point the BBQ ran out temporarily having sold over 300 hotdogs and burgers by 3pm.

Other attractions included Bouncy castles, Twickenham Woodcraft Folk, Local traders selling clothing and jewelry, Face Painting, a petting farm with sheep, goats, a Shetland pony, iguanas and tarantulas… The more traditional “Guess how many sweets” competition and Raffle were well received, raffle prizes were donated by some 25 different local traders from Twickenham and Teddington and included some pretty special offerings. Heatham would like to thank all those who got involved and donated something! 

Friends of Heatham House, the local charitably organisation associated to Heatham House were present throughout the day, helping raise awareness of what Heatham House offers young people and also up-to-date information regarding their “Support Heatham House” campaign, aiming to prevent potential redevelopment of the site as a hotel, taking it away from the young people who value it so much more than they would the proposed, unspecified replacement. FoHH also provided (free of charge via supporter CTS Productions) the use of a state of the art sound system for the event as the venues own equipment is in urgent need of an extensive overhaul. Chair of FoHH, Carl Broadhurst ran a very limited number of guided tours for some small groups, leading them through the extensive grounds and the on into the house for an almost complete tour that included it’s original period wine cellar and coal storage. The response from most people taking the tour seemed to be one of amazement, having never been inside the house before or had the opportunity to explore its’ stunning setting “I had no idea it was this expansive, it’s simply wonderful” was one comment, another was “I can see why young people love this place so much, it’s like another world”

All in all a very successful day and a lot of fun was had by all.

Waitrose Twickenham has donated £231.00 to Friends of Heatham House as part of it’s ongoing “community matters” scheme. Each month 3 local charitable organisations or projects are selected and customers get the opportunity to select which one they would like to support by depositing a token to the charity of their choice. These are then counted to calculate the percentage “voted” for each organisation or project, a pool of £1,000 is then divided between them based on the percentages.

This is a fantastic scheme and has provided support to hundreds of local charities and organisations, Friends of Heatham House are most greatful for this generous donation and the public support that lead to the figure we were presented with.

It is currently unknown who put Friends of Heatham House forward for the Community Matters scheme, in fact we only found out we were in it when a member of staff from Heatham House visited the store one lunchtime and noticed we were one of three for that month. Whoever it was, thankyou for doing your part to help us!

Friends of Heatham House took part in this years’ Family Fun Day at Heatham House by running the bar for parents and ex members, raising a total profit of £120.00 across the course of the day.

The event was a great sucess overall with an attendance of over 500 enjoying the multitude of activites running throughout the grounds of Heatham House.

The Gym featured comedy, live music, dance troups and DJ’s filling the day end to end, whilst outside included a 5-a-side tournament, skate park, grafitti workshops, tree climbing and people jumping into each other dressed in sumo outfits…

A great day was had by all and the high attendance of ex members and parents or current members was a real pleasure.

This day also marked the end of some 13+ years service from senior youth worker Mike Roe. A send off in style was due and the fireworks display that closed the event was truly breath-taking!

Friends of Heatham House: Supporting the Youth in our Borough
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