The council have announced plans to finally undertake some works on the gym.

There is an exhibition at Heatham House this Wednesday, 17th July 2013 between 16:00 and 20:00.
We would like to see some friendly faces there and will be sending a representative down for 18:00.

The plans will be on show and there will be chances to ask questions regarding the plans and how that affects the club going forward.
This is an opportunity to give young people and the wider community a greatly improved facility.

The official press release can be found here: CLICK HERE

Our response to the press release, as issued to the Richmond & Twickenham Times is as follows:

Statement from the Friends of Heatham House

Carl Broadhurst, chair of FoHH, said:

“We welcome this refurbishment but, since the funding for it has been in place for three years already, it is long overdue.

The council withdrew its original planning application because it wanted to replace Heatham House and push an unwanted replacement on the community, which young people wisely rejected. We see this as three years of wasted time.

We are concerned that the proposed refurbishment is not what young people have asked for, particularly as the music venue will resemble a classroom more than a performance space. This is perhaps an example of council officers imposing their own ideas of what young people and the community wants. Another concern is that memorial artwork will be removed as part of the proposals. 

Meanwhile, a number of important issues continue to affect Heatham House, such as a reduction in staffing levels, music rooms being replaced with offices and equipment falling into disrepair. The loss of half of the grounds at Heatham House has also made a casualty out of the new low ropes course.

The community has made its feelings clear to the council on numerous occasions and said it is willing to work with the local authority but, uniquely, the council does not show any willingness to involve the community in its plans. It is, perhaps, because the council has started its own youth services business, Achieving for Children, that it regards the community and charities as competitors rather than potential partners.   

We remain mystified as to why the council halted the original gym redevelopment but went ahead with an expensive overhaul of a meeting room at Heatham House, which had no value in terms of youth work delivery, while apparently trying to close the youth club altogether.

We urge everyone from the local community to attend the consultation at Heatham House on Wednesday 17th July at 6pm.

If you would like to contact The Friends of Heatham House our email

The following article appeared in the Richmond & Twickenham Time last week – Friday 5th April.

Fears sex clinic closure could lead to more teen mums. Teenage pregnancy could rise after a sexual health clinic at Heatham House closed with no warning, campaigners said this week.

Please click on the images below to expand the article,

Welcome to Heatham House Mr Livingstone, but you can't come inside.

We had initially held off on publishing this, in the hope that we could publish support from other candidates alongside it, however as time draws short for our campaign, we felt it was best to publish now. We will publish any letters of support from other candidates should we recieve any in the future.

Mayoral Candidate, Ken Livingstone sent us a very supportive letter early last month.

This follows on from his official endorsement of our petition last year and his attempt to make a formal visit to Heatham House that was blocked by council officers who made the claim that accomodating a visit from Mr Livingstone would be a waste of resources.

Mr Livingstone chose to make an informal appearance and meet young people outside the club – information HERE

The letter from 10th March 2012 reads as follows:

To Friends of Heatham House,
Support for your campaign to preserve the youth centre and youth services at Heatham House
I am writing to offer my full support to your campaign to save your youth services. I understand that the current centre is under threat from re-development with inadequate alternative provision being offered.
Your centre has supported thousands of young people over 50 years, offering the range of facilities and opportunities to young people in Richmond that I believe should be made available to ALL London’s young people, including music, dance and sporting facilities and social and arts activities. The range of activities available – coupled with the location of the centre away from surrounding streets giving space to the users to make as much noise as they need to without disturbing others – makes Heatham House unique.
Your services have been recognised as excellent. Rather than being reduced, they should be used as a model of provision for others to follow. If more young people in London had access to services like this then I believe there would be less crime, less gangs, less disaffection, more opportunity and more enterprise among our young.
I fully support your campaign and send every good wish for a successful outcome. 
Ken Livingstone

The very recent consultation of young people ended with a result of 39% in favour of retaining Heatham House, 27% and 34% picked options 1 or 2 for the new build.
Obviously the rule is to keep consulting until you get the answer you wanted in the first place, so the council have decided to run ANOTHER consultation, this time Heatham House v’s Option 4.

So here is a quick overview of Number 3. 
Essentially, this consultation is asking the same as the previous, instead of having 3 options (2 new, one for Heatham), this time you have 2 options, Heatham House or New Build. The presentation is once again very much in favour of the new build. Many of the details are still incorrect – the wrong amount of floor space is quoted for Heatham House (some 300+ Sqm missing), the figures for the new build floor space have nearly 400 extra added on to the total. No mention of outdoor space for the new build, or the fact that Heatham has nearly 10,000 SqM of grounds that the new build will not have. It does feel as if information has also been left out  to make heatham House seem the worst option.

We are calling on all young people to rally round and send the council a clear message – “We VOTE Heatham House”

Who can take the consultation?

1) You need to be aged 9 to 19 years old (up to 24 years for those with learning disability or difficulty)
2) You must live OR work OR attend an educational establishment within the borough of Richmond.

This pretty much covers most young people in the borough, so please take part and get your friends to do it as well – email them a link to this page, or even a link straight into the consultation.

How do I take the consulation?
There are two ways to take part in the consulation.
Face to face, with a presentation delivered by council officers, you can check the list of dates here – it might be coming to your school - click > HERE

Far easier is to complete it online. The direct link to access and fill out the form – click > HERE
The council have FAILED to act properly by providing a direct link from their website.

You can follow the councils preffered, long winded, off-putting method by submitting your email address to be sent a link to complete the consultation
Paper copies of the form will be distributed through youth clubs, or contact the Youth Office for more information.
Phone: 020 8891 7537

Is there more information about Heatham House?
Yes, there is a lot of information about Heatham House on this website, this page is a good overview – click > HERE
The following videos are well worth viewing if you have never been to Heatham House or had a chance to look round the whole site:
VIDEO 1  – Heatham House Promotional Video
VIDEO 2  – A Tour around the grounds of Heatham House
VIDEO 3 – “Heatham House is not for sale!”

The following flier has been released by Friends of Heatham House to raise awareness of the consultation and to help address some of the issues we have with the poor impression the council has been giving about Heatham House. (Please click on the images to see a larger version).

This is a final call to all adults living or working within the borough to get involved with the Twickenham Town Centre AAP and state they want to keep Heatham House. The chance to do this closes on the 10th February, so get your skates on and make your voice heard.

One Problem:
There is no box to tick to keep Heatham House (yes, that’s correct, NO box for Heatham House)
Aparently this is an administrative error, a very misleading and potentially damaging one at that, oh and by the way, it’s the very same error that was noted by many local residents in the original consultation last year.Sections 9 & 10 are the relevant sections.

In section 9 deals only with the portion of Heatham House and the ground located on the North of the river Crane.
Sectino 10 deals only with the portion of ground on the South side of the river Crane, next to eh sorting office site.

You can object to, or support the TW2 / TW3 proposal, but not actually tick anything to say “Keep Heatham House”

What to do?
There is a comments box for each section of the form, for sections 9 & 10 you must state that you want to keep Heatham House and all of the grounds and sports facilities because you believe it is the best long term facility for young people and can meet their future needs. You can also add any other comments you feel are appropriate – it is worth commenting on the lack of obvious option to retain Heatham House.  You can download a PDF document  with example answers for the appropriate sections HERE

Where is the form?
You can download the questionairre HERE – fill the form in, save it and then e-mail it to
Visit this page for more information (and to download the form) on the council website: HERE
Paper copies of the form should be available from the civic centre.

Please circulate this as quickely as is possible, the more responses over the next few days the bigger the chance of the vote being in favour of of retaining Heatham House.

We will be presenting the Save Heatham House Petition at the Full Council meeting at York House tommorrow 1st November . Meeting starts at 7.10pm. It is a public meeting and it would be great if people would turn up to support. We are first on the agenda so should be done by 7.45pm

Friends and Supporters

Our petition to “save Heatham House” has been counted by the local authority and has been official counted as 1,821 signatures – apx 500 lower than our own count. This is mainly due to the amount of out of borough signatures (mainly users of Heatham House and Richmond College).

However, we exceeded the 1,000 limit required to have a full council debate on the subject and this Tuesday, 1st November we will be making our presentation at the Council Meeting.

It would be fantastic to see some supporters in the public gallery and you are more than welcome to attend, we have been warned that there is an unusually high public attendance expected, however they may rotate the public area according to the subjects / items they are interested in, so don’t be put off if you get there and it seems full.

We’d like to offer our thanks to everyone involved for their support in this campaign, we will continue to support Heatham House and doing our best to help keep Heatham House doing what it does best – serving young people and our community for years to come!

Ken Livingstone was in Twickenham today (5th September) on an official visit to the area.

Mark Walker from Twickenham Labour had tried to arrange an official visit to heatham House, the request was unfortunately declined. However as Ken was extremely keen to see Heatham House and meet some of the young people that use the facility, alternative arrangement were quickely made and at 5.15pm (apx) Ken arrived with his entourage and a reporter from the R&T to meet a group of 12 young people in the rather informal setting of the street in front of the centre.

Despite a sudden downpour 5 minutes after arriving, he still spent some 15 – 20 minutes talking with the group, listening to their various opinions of the centre and what it does for them. Impressed by their obvious love for the centre and all the good things he’d heard about Heatham House, Ken endorsed our campaign to save Heatham House by signing our petition and became the first high profile figure to publicly support the campaign.

FoHH Chair, Carl Broadhurst was on hand as official photographer for the visit.
The full set of pictures are avilable on our facebook Page HERE <Click
Or on Carls Flickr account  – click HERE

 If you would like to sign the petition, please visit this page CLICK HERE

The petition is rapidly gaining numbers, online is now over 250 and the paper version is just below the 1,000 figure.

The support we’ve seen so far is fantastic, it’s great to see the community engaging with us and supporting the campaign. We believe that this is a subject close to the hearts of many

people in the borough and think the petition will reflect this, so now we’ve “upped the stakes” and set a new target!

Support Heatham House Poster

Support Heatham House Poster

So what’s the target?
We’re now aiming for a total of 3,000 signatures.
YOU can help us achieve this?

The online petition is open to ANYONE who lives, works or is in education within the borough. You have to register on the LBRUT site to sign the online petition, so if you aren’t a borough resident you need to fill in your work or school/college address instead of your home address.The online petition is available here: ONLINE PETITION
(If you have already signed the paper version, you don’t need to sign online)

ON THE STREETS: We will be showing a presence on the High Streets over the next few weeks – more information on these events can be found on our facebook group (and also posted on our FB Page), where you can indicate that you intend to help out.

Our Facebook group is here:
Our Facebook page is here:

Would you like to arrange something on your local high street?
We can provide you with petition forms, posters, publicise your event on our Facebook group, as well as offering some support for a few hours gathering signatures.

Support Heatham House Poster

Support Heatham House Poster

We’ve just taken delivery of our new Posters and Fliers and now we need your help!

We want to see as many shops in Twickenham town centre and the surrounding areas displaying the campaign poster in support of Heatham House (Whitton, Teddington, St Margerates, East Twickenham, Hampton Hill and anywhere else….)

How can you help?

Business Owners:
If you run a shop, restaurant, cafe, public house or any other establishment with a street facing window and would like to offer your support by displaying a poster for a few months, we’d love to hear from you. The poster is pictured to the left and A4 in size, A3 is also available in a limited quantity.

If you want to take it step further and hold a small stock of fliers and a petition sheet or two the support would be much appreciated! It could even bring some new trade as we’ll be displaying a list of locations where paper copies of the petition are available to sign for people who can’t do it online.

If you know someone who runs a business in the Borough who would be interested in supporting our campaign, please let them know and direct them to our website

Local Distribution:

We need help approaching local businesses with posters & fliers and to hold petitions
If you think you could spend a few hours one afternoon visiting shops on your local high street, please get in touch.


Friends of Heatham House: Supporting the Youth in our Borough
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