Another leap in submissions meant a Friday release for the fifth cut of this rapidly growing video, voicing the communitys support of Heatham House. We’re accepting submission for the next version, so please send them in –  

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It’s a very simple message, the community tells the council “Heatham House is not for sale” afterall, we own it, the council are there to do our bidding, not decide to push ahead with their own agendas, it’s time they listened for a change.


Thanks to some team efforts from St Mary’s uni students and a few local companies, the forth cut of this video has doubled from 24 to 48 people, we’d love to get enough new clips in to double the next video to 96!

You can see the latest video here

The voice of the community speaks out – add your voice and be in the next cut.

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What is this?
A simple, effective statement the voices our opinion perfectly and tells the council that the community have a right to decide and not via a consultation containing misleading images, incorrect information and get out clauses for both the developer and the local authority.

This video has been circulating since last week when the first version was uploaded.  It’s a simple statement made by people supporting Heatham House and shows the voice of the community.

If the video doesn’t load above, then please view on YouTube >>CLICK<<  

How do I get involved? 

  • Get your mobile phone, webcam, video camera or anything that can record a short video clip
  • For best results make sure it is in landscape / wide like you see on the TV
  • Hit record, point it at yourself and say in a clear voice “Heatham House is not for sale”
  • Send the clip directly from your phone or PC/Mac to
  • You’ll appear in the next update of the video – we’ll email you when it goes live so you can see it and share it.
  • Take it one step further, film your friends saying it and send us the clips – the more people, the better.

If you need any help with making your clip, please email us and we will try to help where we can.
If you are having an event or have a large group of people who want to be in the video, we can try to arrange sending someone round to film for you.

This video outlines just some of what Heatham House does.
The video serves two purposes, to showcase what Heatham House can do for young people and highlight soe of the facilities and aspects of the youth wrok program, more than anything it’s a great way to introduce the facility to people who’ve never been to the house.

Video not working? Try clicking this link to open the video on youtube: Heatham House Promo Video

Yes, the video is campaign based, but there is no other official or un-official video showcase of the facility.
This video was produced for FoHH by CTS Productions who sourced video footage online and mixed in stills from our own archive.

a>Friends of Heatham House present in Full Council Meeting – skip to apx 1h 31m

Mike Roe presents our case to the Full Council Meeting – 1st November 2011.
Max Edwards also speaks as part of our 5 minutes.
The response is most interesting.

Please watch and comment.

Friends of Heatham House: Supporting the Youth in our Borough
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