Welcome to the new Friends of Heatham House website.

We would like to invite you to become a friend of Heatham House. We believe that Heatham House is a brilliant Youth Centre that should continue to provide a unique offering to Young People, and your support will help make sure this happens.

You may be a current or ex-member of Heatham House, or a parent or member of the community, who would like to show their support: you can do this from anywhere via this website. Better still you can attend a meeting or a fundraising event in person, we will be posting dates with venues here.

If you can spare a little more time then organising a fundraising event or sharing your area of expertise would be brilliant. We will also need people willing to join committees and working groups. We welcome offers from individuals, organisations and businesses. Last but not least you can make a donation to help us move forward.

We would like you to help us build the content of the site with stories and photographs and information. On this website you will be able to find out exactly what Friends of Heatham House is about. If you register, you will get news about current issues, event and meetings relating to the centre. We hope to see more information about Heatham House itself - both about the building and its history; as well as the youth projects and activities that we are trying to support; and your stories and photographs!

So the first thing we would like you to do is to sign up, to show your support for Heatham House.

Heatham House Hotel Plan Absurd

Heatham House Hotel Plan Absurd

This article appeared in the Informer on 6th June 2011, it was the start of our campaign to support Heatham House as the best facility for young people.

Proposal to turn Heatham House into Hotel


The current council “All in one” consultation was made public Last Saturday and included proposals to turn Heatham House into a hotel. The proposal suggests the development of a new unspecified youth facility somewhere on the Post Office site.

Meeting at Heatham 7.30 Feb 21st


Waitrose Twickenham “Community Matters”

Waitrose Twickenham “Community Matters”

Waitrose Twickenham has donated £231.00 to Friends of Heatham House as part of their fantastic “community matters” scheme.

FoHH Press Release 28/07/2011


Friends of Heatham House say: Show us the money! A charity is demanding Richmond Council account for £150,000 raised by the public specifically for Heatham House which has been ‘centralised’ by the borough.

Friends of Heatham House: Supporting the Youth in our Borough
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